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Ranger Kids

The age group of 7 & 8 year old boys and girls in the Royal Rangers are called Ranger Kids.
In their age group the curriculum revolves much around fun and games, but also has an emphasis on getting to know God through His word and understand His love.
They are taught to care for their community (according to their age), love their family and also grow within their own character and personality.

This is done by biblical object lessons, crafts and games that introduce the children to enjoy to work together and to experience God in all they do.
Built into the curriculum are also outings into the outdoors.
Friendship, loyalty and teamwork are values which are encouraged and learned.
The children work through small work books and receive certificates and small awards.

Discovery Ranger

Discovery Rangers are 9 - 11 year old.
The weekly meetings are designed to be adventurous and imaginative, learning and experiencing fun challenges.

In their weekly meetings they learn how to work together in a team setting and get taught practical skills such as scouting techniques and practical life skills.

In learning about their merits they often get exposed for the first time how to work with their hands in merits of home repair, first aid and many other life skills. They also have the opportunity to learn more about God and how He wants us to grow in all areas of our life.

One of the highlights of the Discovery Rangers is being together with a larger amount of children of their age group for several days of camp. There they will experience new adventures in an outdoor setting where they sleep in a tent, cook on the fire and have an exciting program.

Adventure Ranger

In Adventure Rangers the young people are between12- 14 years old.

At this age they need help in their development of independence and responsibility. Royal Rangers facilitates this through active participation in program planning and encouraging them to take responsibility in activities done by their local outpost.
The tasks to achieve (Merits) in this age group are more detailed and more extensive than in the earlier stages of Discovery Rangers.
Depending on interest there are several merits for different areas such as Sports, nature, cooking, first aid, pet care.

They will be encouraged in their development of leadership skills and will also be taught in small projects how to serve the community they live within through the applied word of God of love and servant hood.

The team leadership also aims to be more of a friend and mentor for that age group by walking alongside them.

Expedition Ranger

Expedition Rangers are the 15 - 17 year old Rangers.
This is the level we encourage the teenagers to rise to leadership level.The activities are project-oriented and they will work more independently, with clear responsibility to help others, society and the community.

These life skills and real challenges will strengthen their identity and character as a young person. These projects have the possibilities of RIDES (Ranger in Service) to implement social actions to help people at the local, national and even on an international level.


There are several trainings which we offer for our leaders (click on the badges)



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