3. RR Nosy be

In April 2015 we were privileged to be able to support our missionary from the Lighthouse and other partners.
We trained Dries to start RR and he completed NTC & NTT while he was building the boat in Cape Town in the years 2011 and 2012. We introduced him to a better tool to work with the children and he started RR in Nosy be in 2013.

Gerhard and Tammy went to the RR International summit (which is held every 2 years in a different location) and in 2015 it was held in Madagascar. They decided to also visit Dries and his wife Lynette and combine the visit with some training for his leaders and young people.

Dries started RR on the island of Nosy be where he and his wife are serving as missionaries for more than 15 years. They have built up a small, yet effective primary school.  The boat, Gabriel, which he built in SA, is used to serve the people around him and bring the gospel to the islands.

At the moment they work with approx. 120 children in RR in four age groups:

  • RR kids ages 6-8 years
  • Discovery Rangers ages 9-11 years
  • Adventure Rangers ages 12-14 years and
  • Expedition Rangers ages 15-17 years

The teachers from the school serve as Royal Ranger leaders and have initially been trained by Dries in 2013/2014. They received the official Ranger Fundamental course during our recent visit.

They are beautiful people who love the Lord with all their heart and are determined to serve Him and the children with the best of their abilities. We had great fun!

After the RF course we also had three days of training and activities with the children of all four age groups and we were impressed with the aptitude and attitude of these children who live in very poor circumstances. It was pure joy to spend time with them.


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