History:   since 1999


The Royal Rangers Educational Support Programme (RRESP) was founded in 1999 when some friends of Tammy and Gerhard Uys, who were working in disadvantaged communities, came to visit and wanted to help.
They were moved through the need of the  children they encountered not having the ability to move on in life because of their lack of better education. Many of the parents in the area where we were working could not afford to send their kids to school or to cover many of the additional costs involved with school.

The programme was started with three children and has since then provided support for more than 150 young people in the short-term (1-3 Years).
They have also had the privilege of walking with an average of 
65 children in long-term support (3-11 years).
Twelve young adults have already completed their tertiary education and are now employed in good positions. Several of them started to support their “own” sponsor child as soon as they had their own salary – so we are seeing lives changed from within the community itself.

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