Leadership Training

Adult Leadership-training

Ranger Fundamentals

Ranger Fundamentals is a 1-2 days interactive course, that teaches the following: How to run successful outpost meetings, how to use 
the Rangers curriculum and advancement system, and how to build healthy relationships with young boys and girls into adulthood.

Applicants will also learn about some basic evangelistic methods
and how to teach them to the children and youth.

After this course a RR leader will also better understand the importance of the Royal Ranger ministry in their community and nation and how they can live the vision and mission God has given each person through the tool of the Royal Rangers ministry.



The NRMC (National Ranger Ministry Camp) provides instruction in leading exciting outdoor and outpost activities.

Each participant will be introduced to activities such as:
Camping, cooking on the fire, archery, team creativity, drama,team building
initiatives and practical skills.
Additionally, participants experience what it means to be a child-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. 
Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a purpose driven and godly lifestyle and exhibit servant leadership. 

The manhood/womanhood sessions during the camp serve to minister to each participant and to release the God given potential to be able to better serve the next generation .
Every leader will be able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man/woman ?”.

Participants must be at least 18 years old and have a recommendation of the outpost leader and/ or your local pastor.




The NTT (National Training Trail) is for Royal Rangers leaders who have already completed the NRMC and would like continue to remain on a growing path.

It is helpful for team leaders in the Adventure Ranger age group as well in the Expedition Ranger age group (12-17 years) to do this training. Together with your team of other RR leaders you'll walk through different outdoor settings and learn to excel in challenging situations and to expand your own limits which encourages growth in character. Through specific spiritual topics on camp spiritual growth, trust in God and a godly character is encouraged and built.

The Trail is a four day backpacking trip in which all equipment and supplies are shared and carried. Good equipment is necessary.

Helpful and detailed information about the preparation will receive via your local leadership on enrolment.



Youth Leadership-training


The JLTC (Junior Leaders Training Camp) is training for Junior Leaders.
At the camp you will experience your first level of leadership.
This challenge will be presented to you during four days of camp. Excitement and friendship will charge the atmosphere. In addition to pracital workshops and seminars you will also be challenged to reach a new spirtual level.
A highlight of the camp is the Training hike that you will master with your team.


The JLTT (Junior Leaders Training Trail) is the second junior training level who want to be trained, for service in their team our outpost.
On a challenging trail in an adventurious and wild landscape of the hosting nation scouting skills are taken to a whole new level.
The JLTT is to be used for further advancement and training aswell as an exciting experience on its own. You will never forget the time with your team at the bivouac, on the trail and at the evening camp fire.



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