3. How you can help
There are a number of ways in which you can make this vision possible:
  1. You can choose to give a once-off donation for the programme to support all those needs which are often not covered in the monthly amount such as transport, admin support and general expenses.
  2. You can choose to become one of the personal support Partners which means you will pay the minimum fee of 25 Euro or the equivalent amount in your currency and will be given a profile of a child with a short family history. You will also receive a 6 monthly update on the child’s progress and once a year, all children write a letter and we send you a new picture of the child.
  3. You can become a College fund supporter who will  give their donations for the good of those who are capable to get into tertiary education-as this is very expensive in South Africa and cannot be paid by one or even two “Sponsor Parents”. The college fund endeavours to bridge this gap. The student itself will also make an effort to apply and receive the available grants and bursaries through governments and companies.
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