2. Method


Our Educational Programme is connected to Royal Rangers. This means that young people who benefit from the programme are required to be an active part of a local outpost close to the child. Through this policy, we see the children at least once a week and can insure that the young person is developing in an holistic way. We also try to come alongside the child to assist in difficult times during family or other crisis (this happens often as the children often live in severe abusive or challenging circumstances).
We als
o try to assist them to overcome obstacles both at school and with their peers. We build into their lives through life skills training in the Royal Rangers program, programs on camps and through personal mentoring and coaching relationships.

The financial support provided through this programme provides for their yearly school feesbooks and stationary for school as well as school clothes. These costs are agreed upon at the start of the school year and need to be approved by the Royal Ranger team.  

All of the financial support comes from individuals via Germany, Sweden and Switzerland who “adopt” one or more of our needy Royal Ranger Children and who pay a monthly/ yearly amount towards the programme.

We also have a College fund where people can donate extra funds not directly designated for a specific child but to cover the balance between a general sponsorship and the actual cost of very costly tertiary education in South Africa.


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